The Association, existing-to- develop high standards of librarianship and library and information services shall have the following objectives:

  1. promotion of library movement and. Improvement in library services in all its aspects in Gujarat;
  2. promotion of library science education and the improvement in the training of libraries in Gujarat;
  3. promotion of bibliographical study and research in library science;
  4. improvement in the status and conditions of Services of librarians;
  5. affiliation of the state and other library association with Gujarat Library Association and co-operation with International Organisation with same objectives;
  6. promotion of appropriate library legislation in Gujarat;
  7. providing a common forum to all persons engaged or interested in library and information work by holding conferences and meetings for discussion of professional, technical and organizational issues;
  8. promotion as well as formulation of standards, norms, guidelines, etc. for management of library and information systems and services; and
  9. Carrying out all such other things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above mentioned objectives.

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